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About our Surgeries

At the time of your first visit, your preliminary information will be taken by my staff. I will then take your medical history an examine you. If surgery is recommended, I will explain the details of your specific case, your options and risks, the anesthesia, and where your surgery will be performed.

We will pre-authorize your surgery with the workers' compensation insurance.

For those patients that require surgery, our office is equipped with a specially designed operating and recovery room where surgery is provided with privacy and personalized attention, This makes is possible to perform many procedures in a comfortable, quiet environment with surgery scheduled in a timely manner.

The same staff that interviewed and developed a relationship with you is present at the time of the surgery. This makes it very comforting for you and allows us to communicate more effectively with you and your family.

Your surgery can be completed on an outpatient, ambulatory basis. Regardless of what anesthetic is used,
you will be comfortable and should not feel pain.

A follow-up visit with my surgery patients is usually scheduled within one to ten days after surgery. This appointment will be made on the day of your surgery. We encourage you to call if you have any question,
need medication, or reassurance that your healing and recovery are going according to plan.

There are some surgeries that require specialized equipment or anesthesia techniques. I perform these
special cases at our local hospital outpatient departments. I perform surgery at St. John's Mercy
Medical Center, Missouri Baptist Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital.